Our organization can help you choose tours around Ukraine and advise on the most popular destinations and suitable travel operators as well as tours in your native language.

Popular tours among foreign nationals:

1. Tours around Kiev.

Kiev is a capital of Ukraine, a crossroad of the ancient heritage of Kievan Rus. Kiev is a cultural, political, educational center of Ukraine which welcomes thousands of guests from all over the world every day.


2. Tours to Poltava.
Tours to Poltava include artistic events aimed at complex learning of ethnical traditions as well as promotion of Poltava folk culture. Together with your family or friends you can have a great time, forget about all hustle and bustle and immerse into the world of beauty: you can take part in various gastronomic and artistic competitions and workshops.   


3. Tours to Lvov.
During your tour you will enjoy walking down medieval streets where lots of sites from UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List are located. A central part of the city kept not only the unique vibe of centuries, but also the vibe of the city itself. You will see the Market Square where architectural ensemble - kind of open air museum - will introduce you to various architectural styles, stories and legends.  You will visit Quarters: Latin, Armenian, Ruthenian and Jewish that fragmentally preserved in their architecture traditions and everyday life of people of different nationalities and denominations. During your tour you will also see defensive fortifications and their fragments which served to protect the glorious city a long time ago. 


4. Tours to Transcarpathia.
Tours to Transcarpathia, in contrast to holidays in Carpathian Mountains region, are more quite, tranquil, but at the same time more full of impressions of nature which surrounds you in this wonderful region. During summer holidays in Transcarpathia for example you will enjoy great fishing, walks around forest areas, gentle sun and fantastic local traditions. Winter stay in Transcarpathia, already common to many Ukrainians, means great ski trails, unique nature and amazing flair of celebrating national traditions.  


5. Tours to Odessa.
You will see spectacular landmarks and sights of the city, visit historical places, beautiful T.H. Shevchenko City Park where the ancient defensive wall is located. You will see and enjoy walking down cozy streets: Pushkinskaya, Rishelievskaya, Lanzheronovskaya and surely Deribasovskaya which is well-liked by all Odessa residents. 

You will view a masterpiece of architecture - Opera and Ballet Theater, as well as historical buildings which are homes to the Museum of Art, Archeological, Maritime and other museums.
You will be able to stroll along Primorskiy Boulevard, which is equally amazing in summer in winter time, and where City Council (Duma) as well as Count Vorontsov Palace with colonnade and Duke de Richelieu Monument is located.

You will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the marine passenger terminal, seaport and the sea. Here you will also see the famous Potyomkin staircase. A tourist bus will take you around the old districts and small streets of Odessa.