1. If you want to set up your own business we will help you do it quickly and properly.

If you live in Ukraine permanently, to begin your business activity you should consider a sole trader which is currently the most convenient form of conducting business in Ukraine. The most common form of taxation for sole traders is a single tax.  For natural persons the amount of this tax is up to 300 UAH per month (10-15 USD), regardless of having profit, if the annual income is no more than 1500000 UAH (60.000 USD per year or 5.000 USD per month).

For companies a single tax is 5% of income regardless of the profit if the annual income is no more than 5.000.000 UAH (200.000 USD per year or 16.600 USD per month).

For more detailed information (registration, opening of the bank account, accountancy) please contact us by a phone number mentioned in the contact information or via WeChat +38 095 459 80 66.

After you open your business we will help you arrange import or export of goods by finding you the most suitable transport operator and interpreter.

2. If you a Managing Director of a Chinese company you will be interested in the big Ukrainian market. For you to conduct business in Ukraine we will open a representative office of your company in Ukraine. For this we will:

  • select several candidates among Diaspora or a Ukrainian who speaks Chinese (at your wish) and offer you to choose.
  • teach your representative how to conduct business in Ukraine.
  • draw up standard contracts for work.
  • provide a qualified accountant.
  • find best places for sale of your products.
  • arrange delivery of products to Ukraine and cover your transportation costs.