Good afternoon, Dear Visitor!

There is no wonder why the person who comes from the other country sometimes feels insecurity and confusion. Besides, person can meet the problems with different mentality, culture, education, rights and freedoms of the other country. Sometimes а person cannot find necessary information or help.

The social organization «Golden Dragon» was created to produce the help, facilitate the development, maintain relations with the citizens of Southeast Asia.

Our social organization «Golden Dragon» is not a commercial organization.

«Golden Dragon» is the organization that rely on a long standing experience of cooperation and support of the citizens of Southeast Asia.

Our organization has several aims, there are:

  • Adaptation and further consultations related to the stay of the citizens of Southeast Asia in the territory of Ukraine.
  • The provision assistance to the citizens of Eastern Asia.
  • The  assistance in the connection between Ukraine and Eastern Asia establishments and firms in business, scientific, educational, cultural and other spheres (areas).
  • The submitting of information and  organizational support to the media staff of Eastern Asia in order to create a positive reputation of Ukraine in Eastern Asia.